We have all heard the cliche things that women want in a man, such as good looks, a buff body, heaps of money and a great personality.

Find out what do women want and attract men today, by keep on reading!

What if you’re bald, fat, ugly, old and poor? Are you destined to masturbate for life?

Not exactly so.

Good thing for men is that, most women SAY they would like all of the above characteristics, but what really matters to them that would build attraction much more effectively and properly in the long run is the personality aspect.

How do you work on the personality? Well you need to constantly be funny, light hearted, easy going, and above all – Demonstrate a higher social value.

To display higher social status, you need to not display these qualities:

  1. You are outcome dependent – for example, do you find yourself going out with a woman to get a specific purpose? When you make it too clear that you are not simply there to have fun, instead you are gambling your time and status with a women, who you clearly perceive is better than you. By letting her know that you care too much about the result, you lose your cool, and let her know that she is the prize and not you.
  2. You want to buy approval and supplicate – by showing that you are eager to please, then you imply demonstrate with your actions that she is more valuable than you. By paying for each and every meal, by buying her gifts for no reason, by giving her big flowers all the time. You show her that she is much too important for you to let go. That is why she will walk.
  3. You have a lower position compared to others – you are no longer the alpha male in the group. You seek others for approval, you cannot make decisions, you don’t know what to say or do. You have no plan. For example, you constantly ask other guys in your group about what they are going to do on the weekend or what is happening next. By doing this you lose status.
  4. You chase and pursue all the time – by chasing and kissing ass, you are lower in value by definition, because they decide to choose you. The power is in their hands. The term for women who chase men is known as a “slut”. Women hate and avoid the label “slut” at all costs, because they understand that if they are a slut, they are at the very bottom of the social hierarchy. That means death. Sluts would have given what would be considered traditionally their own self worth (their sexual power) and gamble away their power by giving away their sex too easily.
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Sluts also be used by other people above her social ladder, for example by the guy who just can’t get anyone else and she will be the last resort lay. Please don’t be like that. That is why you should not chase.

I know this article is about what qualities do woman want in a man, and I have outlined the various qualities that woman do not desire. But I did this for a reason. If you stay far clear of these aspects that just mentioned and do not show these traits, then you will be on your way in developing the qualities that woman want in a man.